Building bridges through

The India-Myanmar relationship is an old and time-tested one. It is based on strong historical commonalities and cultural continuities, and has shown great resilience in the face of geopolitical upheaval. Yet, understanding of each other’s political, social, economic and cultural dynamics on both sides of the border continues to be scant. A major part of this is due to the dearth of publicly-available resources.

We hope to change that.

Burma Bulletin

Daily news from Myanmar. Curated by our team.

Scholarship on Myanmar

Follow the latest academic and non-academic research on Myanmar.

Government Document Database

Catch up on relevant press releases, reports, memorandums put out by state entities in India and Myanmar.

Post-Coup Tracker: India’s Position

Statements made by the Indian government on the situation in Myanmar after the 1 Feb 2021 military takeover at various forums.

Conflict Tracker

A dynamic map to track various conflict events and actors within the post-coup context.

Please note that we are still updating our databases to ensure that they are comprehensive and includes archival material. Please keep checking them regularly for new uploads.